Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 2- Jerusalem: The Old City

WOW ! Had to wake up super early today 630!!!!  Our bus driver Eli said we have about an hour Drive to get to Jerusalem. 

What a beautiful City!!  So far we have gotten a Historical overview and landscape scenery view as drive and stop atop the Mountain of Olives. Jerusalem has such a rich historical and religious history, that It was quite confusing to understand at first.

The Old City is unreal ! It reminds of a scene of a story book or better yet out of Disney's Movie Aladdin! The streets are so narrow and packed with people. It is a none stop bazar! The peculiar construction of the streets almost makes you beileve that you are partial underground at some points.  There is such a strong feeling of spirituality and religion here, it is a bit overwhelming for me.

The Walling Wall and Jesus Tomb "Rock" are very religious moving places. There is huge difference of scenery and complete atmosphere when comparing the Islamic Sectors to the Jewish & Christian Sector its like day and night.

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