Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 6- Gaza Strip Anyone ?

OMG LMAO!  I have been waken up to be told that we are 2 miles away from Gaza Strip. 

We are visiting Israel's water desalinization plant.

One very interesting fact is that it is not owned by Israel. the plant is privately owned by Viola Environment and IDE Technologies. These two companies together have built more than 40  Desalinization plants. This plant in particular produces 120 Million Cubic Meters of water which is equivalent to 15% percent of the drinking water a year currently being consumed in Israel.  In 4 to 5 years all drinking water in Israel will be Desalinized, as a few more plants are finished being built. These plants as well s this one use reverse osmosis, high pressure sea water and a filter through a series of systems to clean the water. Water is so clean that is is actually distilled water that can not be consumed. So the finally step is the addition of limestone into the water. This plant and its facility is huge! I asked our tour guide about the possible threat of missiles being launched to hit the Plant from Gaza. He told me that it is a way of life and they try to not think about it. Plus he said "we provide their fresh water supply so I do not know why they would want to ruin that".

We had an awesome Lunch at this small authenticate hole in the wall lol 

Second Visit of the Day was a Company Called -Ormat
Omrat is an old company by Israel Standards- 57 years. Omrat specializes in Geo Thermal Energy producer. CEO was asked to answer the same question we have asked almost every speaker we meet with "Why has hIsrad such a success being so entrepreneurial and innovative" He was the first person who really gave a different and thoughtful point of view. 

He said that people who live in undeveloped countries look to study engineering and science to try to figure out ways to better life. In developed countries people study more service and professional oriented subjects like finance management and marketing. In undeveloped area these areas do not exist because basic industry does not exist. Innovation comes from the bottom- the building blocks of science and engineering.

Our Final vist of the day was Object 3D printing. This company can literally print anything in 3D with multiple materials. It sounded very crazy to me. I am still confused how there technology works lol.  But Object is the leading company that provides 3d prototype printing. The build the printers then sell them.

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