Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 4- Innovation and Technology in a Seeming Simple Trade

It has been a very gloomy rainy day as we continue our travels to visit Iscar. 

We have recently finished our visit with Itamar earlier in the day. Itamar has invented a noninvasive system/machine that can detect sleeping problems through the tip of your finger. Patience wear Itamar's device around their wrist and place a finger cap on the middle or index finger. The technology is pretty interesting! Detecting sleeping problems through your finger tips is very cool.

Iscar has recently been bought by Billionaire investor Warren Buffet. Iscar produces, manufactures and designs metal cutting tools, pieces, and bits for the metals industry. Iscar is a huge multinational company with locations on almost every continent. They have a beautiful huge facility on top of the hill, which can also be called an industrial park. 

Iscar is a fascinating company that really has become a world leader and  innovator in their field. Their manufacturing plant is almost completely self automated!, It is like a scene out of a movie. Comprehensive robotics are at work 24/7 creating products. They have unbelievable technology at work when it comes to designing these tools and the manufacturing them. I have never thought that such a seemingly simple trade as metal cutting tools can have such a technology driven factor. Iscar has aimed to create new products every 2 years to improve and innovate themselves from the competition. This Company has proved to me that technology will be the next driving factor in any industry, no matter how simple its operations may seem.

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