Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 7 Final Vists

We have arrived at Carmel VC Company in Jerusalem. We will be hearing a few presenters speak about startup Companies that they have been involved with.

In my personal opinion, one of the most interesting companies was presented today. It was a Marketing Company  that was bought by Something Click. The are an internet marketing company that displayed personalized banner advertisements on website that he Consumer browses through. It is very simple idea once it was explain clearly, but it was very complex system to create! This company more or less invented internets banner advertisements.  I am very interested in Marketing, and am actually started my own company. This presenter definitely gave me a lot of useful information to chew over. 

Tel Aviv University is our second and final stop. Ailya has brought a presenter to class to discuss Israel's Entrepreneurship, and professor will also be giving a quick presentation as well.

Interesting Information: 

1993 Israel government wanted to stimulate Industry was vowed to give $8 Million dollars to any VC fund if the VC can raise $12 million dollars themselves. 

"The falafel factor- Combination of things to make Somethig work"

We had about 10 minutes to chat with student after the class. Almost every student is trying to or is starting a Company!! All the ideas are super high-tech and out of the box strategies. I really wonder where these students got their ideas from! 

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