Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 3- Tel Aviv Stock Exchange & Better Place

Kobo Avamov from the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange gave a nice presentation about the Economic and Financial history of Israel. This country has grown so fast when taking into account how long it has ben in existence. The most  interesting information we were told about was that the Israel economy actually wasn't affect by the recession in 2008. But the stock exchange did lose 42 percent in response to foreign exchanges economic problems . Bio Med is by far the biggest Industry represent in the stock market for Israel.

We just finished our visit with " The Better Place". They have teamed up with Nissan to create the worlds first  electric car that will run on battery power. These cars/ batteries when empty need to be charged from a special charging station that can be found in public areas and the company will install one at your home. Or you can drive into a "battery swap station" and receive a fully charged new battery in a few minutes. Better place will act as a car dealer, and electric source provider / meter reading company.  

This is a very interesting idea that is truly innovative and very technologically forward, but I do not now how efficient or convenient this system will be if you are constantly driving because the batteries do have very strict limits. Automobiles consume more than 20 percent of the total  oil/gas consumption in the world. Israel's Government  has given Better place the right to basically be a Monopoly here. Maybe Better place will work in smaller Cities like Tel Aviv but i do not seeing it working in a City like New York nor in rural areas. The Battery imposes strict limitations of what you can do and were you can go.


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